Sunday, 16 September 2012


This blog will contain review/summary of my poetic forms book series available on Kindle.

These are the titles in my Poetic forms series

PHRASIS VERSE A Phrasis is a structured verse where the poet uses selected prose phrases of another writer to compile  unique poetry therefrom as a tribute

SOUNDS ALOUD asin B008QVUDK2    open verse form my take thereon

FOOTLE FUN asin B008QYHJ1O  A fun couplet form

MORE FOOTLE FUN  asin B008RO8V4C   more of the same

FULTON FRAMEWORK  asin B008RAKA1O  a visual pastoral form in 3 to 7

POIEMA asin B008RUKX8C    ekphrasis in short poetic forms

PHANEROS asin B008SBBPU2  all about lanterne (the half cinquin form)

SEQUENCE asin B008STJ6N2  fibonacci poetry

VERSELET  asin B008TSJRMC a personalised guide to over 80 forms of short poetry

A VERSE MISCELLANY  asin B008TSJRMC a help with poetic development

ORIENT to occidental ASIN B009NU3FQO Haiku,monoku,tanka and cinqku etc east to west

TIME -for rhyme ASIN B009P0JDZ4 Rhyme exampled in many many poetic forms

and in My Choice Strand Verse this series of twelve poetry books-

LITTLE SONGS /Little TAGS/Little Pictures/Little Laughs/Little Battles/Little Landscapes/
Little Kisses/Little Me/Little Memories/Two liner/Cinquains&Cinqku/Four&More

and in my Strand Guide series-

Writing Christian/Strand on Poetry/Imagism-picture& pen